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Massage for the Body and Soul

At Riverside Massage And Skincare, we've had years of experience performing massages. We understand how muscles work and how to target them to loosen tight spots. But massage does more than treat physical symptoms. It also heals the mind and soul by relieving stress and releasing toxins. Massage has numerous benefits, including:

Face Care

Waxing for Dazzling Skin

Everyone has unique skin. Riverside Massage And Skincare knows how to treat different skin types through the use of a variety of waxing techniques. We understand your beauty ritual depends on customized waxing – not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your skin and lifestyle deserve better. We have been practicing waxing for years in New York City and New Jersey. We know how to design a relaxing experience that will augment your natural beauty. Our philosophy is simple: We restore balance and harmony to the mind, body, soul, and skin. Waxing is an essential part of the process.Therefore, Quality of Touch is proud to offer affordable wax treatments for $60 and up. If you’re a first-time customer, be sure to mention that when you schedule an appointment. We’ll give you $20 off your first waxing just for joining our family. We offer two types of wax treatments:

Soft waxing adhere to your skin more successfully than hard waxes. They exfoliate better, and they pluck the fine hairs perfectly. We might recommend a soft wax for a large area. However, we cannot apply soft wax to the same area twice because it removes layers of dead skin.

Sugar waxing for a gentle, relaxing waxing experience, you might want to schedule a sugar wax with us. Why? Sugar waxes are soft and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Bacteria cannot breed in the sugar paste, which makes them ultra-hygienic. Additionally, there is no risk of allergic reactions.

Spa Setting
Foot Reflexology

Reflexology for Further Massage Therapy

Reflexology targets the hands, feet, and ears, three areas often neglected by individuals who feel stress! These areas connect to vital body systems, which is what makes reflexology such a valuable technique. Reflexology provides numerous benefits to those who take advantage of it. The advantages of reflexology include:

Reduced Stress: Stress can cause numerous health issues, from heart problems to general aches and pains. Many people feel stress. If you’re more impacted than most, reflexology can help reduce that stress and train your body to release it. The result is a more relaxed you.

Lightened Mood: If you suffer from depression or any kind of mental illness, some studies suggest that massage disciplines like reflexology can help. Schedule an appointment with us. We believe we can realign your body, mind, and soul and restore Zen to your life.

Reduced Pain: Chronic pain is a part of getting older. But you don’t have to live with creaky joints and a stiff back. Reflexology can help reduce your pain and allow you to enjoy more life pursuits, such as athletics. By focusing on various zones of the frame, we can provide body-wide benefits.

Improve General Wellbeing: Your overall health is dependent on many things. Reflexology is one way to achieve optimal overall wellbeing. From reducing the impacts of stress to amplifying your mood, reflexology can help.

Spa Stones
Feet at spa pedicure procedure
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